Activities and their benefits

Activities and their benefits on the island

Casa Eductiva's activities will provide benefit to the community of Praia do Sol, small district of no more than 1000 people on Itaparica island in the state of Bahia, Brazil.
We will encourage the community children's learning process and abilities development to their full potential. As well as locals' enterprise projects and gender equality.
The community of Praia do Sol has no direct easy access to development programs or big help from the government with the water supplying or sanitation issues. There are no organizations actively working on the area, so any help we can give to them, will be a big change for these people.

Eu sou (I am) is our main project, educational proposal focused on better comprehension of the world through wide variety of workshops. Local and foreign volunteers will lead two-weeks to two-months sessions based on their own cultures, main activity/profession or favourite theme.
Through this project, the children will:
• Expand worldview and future professional possibilities.
• Discover their passions and skills.
• Develop their abilities to their full potential.

Song de Raiz is an educational proposal focused on better understanding and appreciation of culture - home and foreign - through music.
The basis of the project is the music-cultural exchange between a school in Oxford and Casa Educativa - Community Education Centre on Itaparica Island, Brazil. The relationship will be led by Stefania Giordano (founder of Casa Educativa) who will travel to Brazil and teach sessions in both the schools, supported by local musicians in each country.
Through this project, the children will:
• acquire a better understanding and appreciation of their own culture.
• expand worldview, creating respect and appreciation for a different culture.
• develop creativity, curiosity and musical skills.
• acquire a basic knowledge of a foreign language.
• improve literacy skills in their own language.
• develop empathy and teamwork skills.

Naturagem is a waste/sanitation proposal focused on better care of the environment through recycling education (crafts and info workshops) and separated-waste bins implementation.
Through this project, the community will:
• Raise awareness of the amount of waste they produce and the importance of their natural environment.
• Appreciate the place where they live by regularly taking care of it.
• Develop creativity, handcraft and enterprise skills.
• Acquire a permanent income from recycling sale to local recycling companies such as CAEC, CAMAPET or CANORE, and recycling handcrafts.
• Solve some of their sanitation issues.

Ilha Viva (Living Island) is a cultural proposal focused on the development of active local participation and creativity through artistic performances, interventions and exhibitions (based on our other workshops) as well as community meals and big-screened film nights.
Through this project, the community will:
• Create a sense of unity and security.
• Develop empathy and teamwork skills.
• Reduce the consume of alcohol and drugs due to stay busy in healthy create activities.
• Develop confidence and sensitivity.

Ela é (She is) is an enterprise proposal focused on empowering women, through handcraft sessions, sexual education and inspiring-women-in-history workshops. Men are also welcome to participate.
Through this project, the women will:
• Acquire a better understanding of their rights and skills.
• Respect themselves and create a healthier relationship with men.
• Reduce promiscuity and sexual diseases.
• Develop enterprise and autonomy skills.

Minha Terra é (My Land is) is an enterprise proposal focused on the better appreciation and use of their natural resources through handcraft workshops, follow by the hand-made-products sale.
Through this project, the local producers will:
• Acquire enterprise skills and future income.
• Understand the value of their natural resources and the preservation of them.
• Acquire a better appreciation of their own culture.

Nos Livres (We are free -Portuguese, Our Books - French) is a cultural proposal focused on the encouragement of reading through the opening of a public library in the Educational House and a series of poetry and storytelling sessions led by foreigners and locals.
Through this project, the community will:
• Improve (or acquire for the first time due to the high percentage of illiteracy) literacy skills.
• Acquire a broader knowledge of general culture.
• Expand their vocabulary, improving their communication and the way they express themselves.
• Develop sensitivity and listening skills.

If Casa Educativa makes any surplus it will be used for the acquisition of educational material for the children as well as it will go directly to the local producers and handcrafters we will work with.